International brand present in more than 150 countries around the world, the leader in cheese in Europe, Président is the reference for French dairy products, which promotes French gastronomy outside of France.

Leader in France,Président offers the widest variety of quality cheese, butter and cream and has celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018.


The story of Président is the story of a family, of the craft of butter and cheese-making and of a passion transmitted from father to son.

The Besnier family put their hearts into making the delectation of cheese and butter accessible to the greatest number, every day.

Président has always been able to keep one step ahead of fabrication techniques in order to guarantee consistently high quality products available to the greatest number.

In 1968, thanks to a new specific production process from pasteurized milk, Président revolutionized the French camembert market by launching a constant high quality camembert, accessible and affordable to anyone : “LeCamembert Président”.

In 1972, thanks to a new production process with “online butyrators”, President also revolutionized butter market by launching its Gastronomic butter, a high quality product with a guaranteed savory taste during the whole shelf life.

Product range

Président is an iconic brand, famous for its quality cheese, with Camembert its most iconic product.

Cheese making is the most sophisticated step of milk transformation, beyond butter and cream Président is also expert in making best quality butter and cream.

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